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Going on holiday with my carers for the first time!

How I decided where I wanted to go on Holiday for the first time

My carer is a musician part time and he mentioned he had done a gig in Scotland. He told me about the beautiful places he visited and how much he loved it. I said to my carer I would like to go away but my family have other commitments and they would not be able to take me. My carer then suggested that they take me away on holiday. I liked this idea, and I contacted the manager to arrange my holiday.

Points I needed to consider.

Funding my holiday.

I am funded for 13 hours a day by the local authority but for my holiday I would need 24 hrs care for 7 days. The manager helped me to find the most cost-effective way to do this. After the calculation I only needed to pay for an extra 2 hours a day and a sleep-in cost making it financially plausible.

Moving and Handling

At home I use a ceiling hoist for all my transports from bed to chair etc. I contacted the Hoist company and requested they loan me a movable full body hoist to take with me on Holiday. When it got delivered quality care time came round and completed another risk assessment.

Travelling to Scotland

One of my carers could drive and they said they would be happy to drive my care to Scotland. I contacted my Insurance and had him added on. We planned our journey for stops and breaks and sent this to the manager of Quality Care Time to review.

What was my Holiday was like?

My holiday was incredible I went sightseeing, had meals out and really enjoyed myself. We started the days early to get the most out of the trip and towards the end I really wasn’t ready to return so we stayed an extra 2 days!

What's next?

I am currently planning my trip to Ireland with eh same 2 carers and I can’t wait!

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