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At Quality Care Time we like to be as transparent as possible. We do offer a discount if you book more hours a week, this can be discussed during your consultation. If you are funded by the local authority your hourly funding may be capped please contact us to discuss how we can help you with this. We also have a volunteer scheme available for our clients- Find out more!

Costs and break downs.

Discuss your care needs during your consultation to get the best price. 

60 minutes

£25 Only available in the Barnet area. 

90 minutes


120 minutes


Sleep in

£55.  This is for 9 hours sleep in (generally 10pm-7am). If the care support worker is woken for support you will be charged an hourly fee of £20 from the time they have been woken. 

Wake Night

£170 This is for 9 hours wake night 10pm-7am.

Full Day 

£160 This is for 8 hours care support booked for one sitting. 

Live in 

£200 per day. You will be required to provide food for you care support worker whilst they are living with you. This price is based on a sleep in at night. 


If you are a blue light card holder or armed forces we offer a 10% discount on costs. This can not be used in conjunction with other offers. 

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