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How I fund my care.

When my wife became unwell with Parkinson's I knew I would need help with care. My own health wasn’t in the best shape, and everything started to become too much for me. I contacted Quality Care time after finding them on the CQC website. I had a free consultation with them and discussed the care that I would need.

They suggested that I get a financial health assessment completed before I pay privately. I was unsure what this was, but they guided me every step of the way. Quality Care Time explained that if I had less than £23,250 in savings or capital I may be entitled to funded Care through Barnet council. They emailed me the link and I completed it.

Once I was assessed to be eligible for my funded care I requested to receive my financial care support through Direct Payments. This is where Barnet council pays the money into my bank account, and I can use it to pay for my care. I can use my direct payment money to pay for my wife’s care or equipment I

may need such as bath lifts or other moving and handling equipment. It has provided me with a lot more flexibility and control over the care.

Once my direct payments had been approved I contacted Quality Care Time who came and completed a care planning risk assessment. They took time with me and my wife to talk us through what we not only needed but wanted from the care. Following this I was provided with profiles of the carers available to support. We agreed on the profiles and the care/support. The standard of care has not faulted since 2018. The management are always available for support, the carers are happy and seem content in their role. The whole culture and atmosphere is welcoming, I would not look elsewhere.

The manager/s always support me with everything, giving me confidence to get the help I need from other professionals for example, recently they attended a Decision support team with continuing healthcare team. This allowed them to do a reassessment to determine whether my wife was considered high needs to access more funding. I felt so reassured knowing that they were there with me.

If I had to pay privately I still would choose Quality Care Time as the standard of care is so high and the cost really is so competitive.

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